Full time working parents vs stay at home parents

Being a SAHM is the best choice for us because we live in a rural area and if I had to find work it would be in Dublin which means commuting at least 2h on the road, let alone the commuting! What would have annoyed me more than anything else was if I had to drop my kids to an early breakfast club and late afternoon minder. It would have broken my heart and so taking a career break was a necessity. Kids grow so fast and even if it is super tiring, challenging, exhausting let s face it you don’t really get time for yourself unless they are sleeping but that s when you catch up with whatever you have to do without your little ones hanging on to you. Also I am pro Breastfeeding, 4 years on! Yes 4 years! But that s a different subject.

Let s talk about this article I found online from DEA BIRKETT: Mothers who go to work are ‘full-time’ parents too. 2013.


I am not sure why is there a need to justify your status. We are parents as soon as we have kids that is. I don’t want to debate whether stay at home parenting is a luxury or a choice, its not all about the money you know? It s also what a mum or dad feels. So I would just say it isn’t fair to generalise, we have to take every single situation differently. I can only speak for myself: I prefer to be a SAHM because I want to be here every minute, every seconds of my kids days. It is what s important to me. Not that it is not for many people but I have heard many women saying that they d rather work than stay at home, they talk about losing their independence, their social lives….It s not as important to me as raising my kids and here again if a person goes to work that doesn’t mean they aren’t raising their kids but reality is: they are physically at work not in the house with their kids. They resume their ‘raising kids’ function when they come back from work right? It might upset a lot of people but isn’t it true though? That s the reality when you look at it.

The article sounds more like a justification. When we have kids, we are full time parents yes but when a parent decides to resume work then the parent misses some parenting functions. It is called delegation. So, when a parent delegates some parental tasks to someone else it doesn’t mean he/she loses his/her parental status it means he/she will supervise those function instead of completing them him or herself.

That ll be my conclusion 😊