Non-Toxic BB cream

I am soo excited today I get to try my new non toxic face cream!

I have looked all over the internet and although I have found some great suggestions from

I just wasn’t ready to pay that much for the products suggested. I would love to sample them though and give you my honest feedback as I have a different skin tone.

Anyhow, before revealing my new go to BB cream, you need to know that I am into natural beauty. I tend to avoid make up (only used on special occasions) and if I have to put on make up, I opt for a natural look. Anything beyond and I look like a doll whose been made up by my daughter! I mustn’t have a face for make up or maybe I simply have no clue how to put it on nor have the patience or time to look up videos.

So here I am looking for a cream that will smoothen my face, more like a balm to even off my face skin.

I have a combination skin ie dry around the cheeks and a little greasy on the T-zone. I don’t have much spots but I do get see some sun spots appearing hence the need for a protective cream.

Granted the Healthy Awards 2017 and winner of the Beauty Award 2015: I give you the Diamond Range from Dead SPA MAGIK! BB cream SPF15 NATURAL *** YES!

There it is:

BB cream with SPF15 NEW!
Hydrating beauty balm to provide a light tinted coverage which adapts to your skin tone and promotes a flawless complexion.

  • Prevents the need for numerous separate products
  • Can be used as a foundation or primer, with sheer long-lasting coverage

Ideal for
: All skin types.

I start by applying a few drops of Argan oil as a base that I gently massage on my whole face avoiding the eyes. Once fully absorbed, which takes seconds. I take a drop of BB cream, literally!, and apply on cheeks, forehead and chin. Job done!

Try it out and let me know what you think.

I personally bought it in my local health store but you can find it on amazon:

If you are interested in Argan oil you can contact me directly I ll be happy telling you all about it and I will defo talk about it on a different post.

What is your favourite BB cream?