About me

Ever since the birth of our first son I knew deep inside that there was only one option which is being a stay at home mum, of course there was a discussion, followed by an agreement, bottom line: it was going to be more fulfilling personally and to state the obvious it is less costly.

So here we are now, 2 kids much later, actually 6 years later and apart from some freelancing projects here and there, I have been out of the job market for that long. Mind you I did get an interview or 2 but it seems that when I mention: 2 kids and work from home opportunities, let’s just say that a fear of being hired just arise suddenly from nowhere. One minute I am considered the best candidate and as soon as my family is brought up I become obsolete. So they nicely say it’s not you we just found someone else who is a better fit ie single no family. I think it is a bit discriminatory but I really don’t want to use the big words just yet.

There isn’t a day I go through without searching for that perfect company, that perfect business, the perfect team who would see me as an asset rather than a stay at home mum looking for rehabilitation as if I inflicted myself some sort of a sentence. I still have a degree, experience, knowledge and I believe to be more than 200% a good fit to any company who d see past the 6 years spent caring, observing, helping, growing….my family.

This blog will capture what I think will be an emotional journey. I feel like a newly released prisoner whom no one will trust or a newly graduate whom no one will trust.

I am ready to take the blogging road to question those companies and see if we get anything in return and also I will go through the other SAHMs options and why it can and sometimes cannot be a good fit.

The reason for this is to highlight to the world that yes there is a future for all of us SAHM but also to highlight to all the businesses that a SAHM time is more than worthy, and we had to develop a whole set of new skills that are more than important for a business to grow ie time management: isn’t it a training most employees go through with? Well when it comes to feeding dressing bringing the kids to school: is it also time management? I’ll let you answer that.

There are many resemblances between running your family and running a business and I will proudly highlight those to all of you and maybe then you might see the 6 years as a SAHM an asset to your business.

So to all the SAHM out there, yes we all should be proud! And if like me you are looking to get out of the SAHM stigma then comment, follow, review, talk, share!

Let’s make this community so big that we won’t go unseen!

I am looking for an impact. Let’s get writing!