Cabbage soup diet in a Yummy way

Today is a special day, I have decided to be holidays ready. Yes! And my husband is so supportive that we both will be trying the cabbage diet!

Check this out:

I am not following it 100%, I actually did add loads and loads of spices to my soup so to make it yummy in our tummy:

Cumin, ginger and turmeric, on top of the salt and pepper, all those are so good for you and will give that extra kick.

Also instead of canned tomatoes I have boiled, removed skin and pips to 6 large tomatoes.

Now you got the choice between leaving the bits or mix it all up. I am, personally, not a fan of bits to chew in my soup, unless they are croutons, so will mix it up as soon as it cools down.

For this am breakfast, we had an egg each (for the protein) pomegranate mixed with chopped apples and pears, some blueberries and raspberries and I have added a tsp of pure organic pollen. My first drink of the day was a coffee…I really can’t get out of the house without it so in went the coffee and I am now getting a delicious ginger infusion with a massive glass of water.

The egg thing? Well to be honest I need the energy running around after 2 kids. I am sure it wont impact the diet as much since there is only 155 calories in an egg. I am not looking to shed weight super quick, I am so afraid of stretch marks, so will have to go for a walk sometime during the day.

I do feel some movements in my tummy lol but I guess it’s all normal. Alright I will keep you updated as I go 😊