Me love to read but I don’t have the time I am SAHM so I read to my kids

How are we doing today fellow stay at home parents? Here comes the week end and it means no school drop offs, maybe some activities planned? I personally love to develop our kids creativity so if I can ditch paying for hairdressers, nail salons, to get them music class than I will. So Saturday kicks off with a tour at the library followed by music class. I do enjoy every bit of my day. The kids are free to choose any  book they want unless it s an adult novel with no pix…. I am really trying to find their passion so I am hoping, through their choice of books, that they ll lead me to what they like.

My daughter, a 3 years old princess of course 😉 loves poneys, unicorns, I mean who doesn’t? She mostly picks up books that have a horse, and believe me it’s any kind of horse, on the front page. She picked: ‘The wooden horse’ retold by Russell Punter. I was so proud cause that’s history and she doesn’t even know it will serve her later on…

My son is mad about cars just like most kids, he is so mad about them that he spends most of his time asking about what’s in the car: that s the gear box, and that mummy: that’s the exhaust, and that? ‘maybe ask daddy? Cause mummy has no clue?…. alright I have to get to the same level so I am doing my research too. He is 5 and he also loves to know what type of cars is that. So his daddy got him an auto mag from the charity shop and now he loves his cars magazines! He could sit for hours looking at each models and asking questions. To top it up when we are in our car, he calls out every car that passes us.

I am so impressed as a mum, my kids are my world and even if sometimes I need time for myself, there is nothing I love more than watching them grow. It is priceless. I will give it all I have.

Sorry its upside down …